The Distant Shores

Musician Of The Spheres
Candles In The Night Eternal

An ally has met with some limited success already, despite the interference of some local fauna.

Then it is true what we heard — at least the project is possible, in principle?

Perhaps that would be too far at this early stage. Encouraging news, though, yes.

And what of… I suppose he doesn't even go by that name anymore? Whatever he calls himself now, he is still—?

Last I heard. It isn't finished yet, as of this Sending. If the reports were accurate, he couldn't maintain it too much longer all by himself. We should expect his arrival soon, then.

Assuming he isn't lost in the collapse.

Aren't we in an insulting mood? He won't be. There isn't anything left in that figment that could seriously threaten him.

You think I was joking only because it isn't you in there. It's still dangerous. For any of us.

Look who's talking? Now isn't the time to get cold feet. We'll have to wait and see for this one, but it's good reason to continue regardless.

Oh, I agree. We can hope we get good data from it, but even if all of that is lost completely…

There is much work to finish here and we may not complete it in time. He might emerge rather soon.

I'm sure he'll have more important things to think about than whether your cake is frosted.

Very funny. I just thought it would be nice to have the next one ready to go.

What, to send him in again so soon? Your cake ain't too sweet.

He's not my type anyway. And besides, you know he loves it.



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